Welcome to the Holmdel Softball Club website. It is in the process of being migrated and redone. This is a side project, so please be patient.

Below you will find the scheduled games for the next 10 days.
NOTE: Rows with a red background and strikeout are rained out.
Rows with a yellow background and strikeout are requested to be rescheduled.

Date Time Field Away Home Notes
W 05/25 6:00 pm AL Hebrew Nationals Those Guys
Th 05/26 6:00 pm AL Flying Pigs Schwing and a Miss
Th 05/26 6:00 pm MT Lost Boys Hot Dogs From 5/19
W 06/01 6:00 pm AL High Fliers Bilkay Bombers
Th 06/02 6:00 pm AL Hot Dogs Lost Boys