Injury report Forms

If there was an injury on your team during an HOSB game, please fill out the following forms and return to the club president.

Field Permits

Please print and have at each game.

DB permit will be available soon

Field Directions


Player Conduct

League Wide Rules

  1. The standard ASA rules are default, unless specifically altered in league rules.
  2. It is the home team's responsibility to rake the infield and fill in any holes after each game. The lock boxes hold the rakes and shovels. Please be sure to lock them back in the boxes when you are done!
  3. WHEN IT RAINS (OR LOOKS LIKE RAIN): If the Chief Ump is going to call the games due to rain, he/she will do it by 3:30PM, and will also call the umps and the managers involved. The managers will have to call the re-scheduler.

  4. If you don't hear from the Chief Ump by 3:30PM, the games are on at that point. Don't call the Chief Ump.
    The only person who can call a game after 3:30PM is the game umpire, and he/she can do it either at the field or on a conference call with the two managers. If there is no field ump, the two team captains can decide whether or not to play. If they can't decide, then there is no game. Captains, please be aware that this should only apply when there is doubt about the weather at game time or the condition of the field.
    If one or both teams do not show up to a game that has not been called by either the Chief Ump or the field ump (if there is one), then the ump will declare the game a forfeit, possibly a double forfeit.

    Q: What if one team wants to play in questionable weather, but the other team doesn't?
    A: Rainouts are called or not called by whoever has control - either by the Chief Ump or the field ump. For example, it's after 3:30 and the manager of team A thinks it's too moist out to play, but the manager of team B wants to play. Team A goes home, while team B show up at the field. The game ump decides at the field whether to re-schedule due to unsafe conditions, or that team A forfeits.

C League Rules

D league Rules